videos as a means of corporate advertising has become exceedingly common - and for a good reason!

Vision trumps all other senses

Before we were the awesome web design force we are now – we were all about the content!

Let´s face it, no matter how awesome your website is – without the right content it is just a waste of space. What your customers are coming to your Website for is the content. And if your designs, architectures, and interactivity don’t provide that content they will leave. At the end of the day: CONTENT IS STILL KING, and people who forget that won’t remain in business long.

So taka a look at what we have done – what we can do and see if there is something we can do for you!

A well-designed website can only get you so far!

No matter the design – it is always the content that makes or breaks your web page.  It is not just what you say but how you say it. We do recommend that people have someone good doing the writing on the web page. Either an internal member of staff, or simply getting a professional to do it. And if that is the case we have some we can recommend.  It is not just about being able to spell correctly or form sentences. You need someone that talks to your audience on there level.

But it is not just about the words, Pictures, videos and graphics play just as big and sometimes bigger part in relating what you do or sell to your audience. And we know about content.


The use of online videos over the last few years, as a means of corporate advertising, has become a standard method of communication – and for a good reason!

Online Video content has become this generations TV commercial. TV commercials were arguably the most powerful way to reach and influence the masses,but has shifted away from TV towards online video advertising through social media. Many companies are now switching their primary marketing focus to online video based strategies in order to reach as many of their customers as possible.

Why you say?


Creating a video can be a huge time saver! Not only for the client who can consume pages and pages of information in a matter of minutes by watching in stead of reading but also for your company. You can explain or teach anything in a matter of seconds in a video –  things that would almost need a full user manual to explain on paper


Unlike the TV advertisement – you have the opportunity to reach millions of viewers without spending a lot of money. By sharing you video in the right channels at the right time your video can almost get a life of its own.  If your content is relevant enough social media will carry far and for a long time.


Video view is one of the big factors when you are trying to clime Google’s algorithms ladder. Ranking high on the Google search engine is vital to any company, and since Google bought Youtube videos are having more impact on how the search engines rank you. That added to the fact that more people than ever prefer to get information through a video results in a lot of company’s seeing a big increase in visits to there website direct from YouTube content.


Videos are highly traceable. It is relatively easy to see how many people viewed your video, how many like it and if people are sharing it. You can also see if people are going to your website after seeing the video. This information can show you if people are responding to your message in a way that you would like them to


Of course your video should always be well produced and executed.  But due to the radical changes in technology the last few years’ production cost has gone down dramatically.  Giving smaller businesses the chance to make quality videos at an affordable price. It also means that you could make more videos reaching different target groups.


If a video is well made and smartly executed it can serve many different groups. It can be both a training video and a advertisement.

According to Forbes Insight-

  • of senior executives who’d rather watch a video than read text 59% 59%
  • of those who view a video click through to visit the vendor website. 65% 65%
  • look for more information and go to the videos website 50% 50%
  • report that they contacted a vendor after seeing an online video ad. 45% 45%
  • of those who viewed an online marketing video went on to make a purchase. 50% 50%
  • of online shoppers find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions. 90% 90%

Dont you think that you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity if you’re not using video marketing, We do.


By using animation, you could explain complex things more easily. If you need to make Multilanguage video, you could make do with one video production with many voiceovers. Not to forget, it makes people view your product in a new fun way, (everybody relates to fun)

By creating a visual story, you make it easier for people to remember, as most of us are driver by sight.

“Vision trumps all other senses”

By using animation as the messenger, allows us to focus on the specific story and take away all other “noise”.

Logo Animation

We at Virtual DNA can make more out of your Logo, make it literally appear from the clouds, wash up on shore or be carved in stone.With the help of animation, anything is possible to make your logo stand out from the crowd. People will stop and look at trade shows, you give your website that extra zing, or even use it as the cool screensaver your always wanted.

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words

– Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research


Having professional looking photos on your website is just common sense. A picture says a thousand words they say.  If that is true (which it is) you want it to tell the world that you are professional in every way. No matter if it is the pictures of your staff, your products, your workplace or your projects.  Your product needs to be displayed in an professional way, with consistent quality.

overused-guyMany companies’s fall in to the trap of using beautiful stock images, bought online rather than having someone take pictures for them. It is easy and convenient (we know) but using stock images (fluffing) is maybe not as useful as it seems . Why? (apart from the fact the they are most likely visible on more than just your webpage), According to the Nielsen Norman Group, Users pay close attention to photos and other images that contain relevant information but ignore fluffy pictures used to “jazz up” Web pages”.

Meaning that the pictures on your webpage should relate directly to you or your webpage –  so if you are going to buy pictures online choose wisely.

Otherwise we at Virtual DNA would be happy to hear what you have in mind, and create your tailor made web pictures for you.


Video indhold er blevet denne genrations Tv reklamer. Tv reklamer var uden tvivl den mes effektive måde at nå ud til folket på. Dette faktum har ændret sig til at online video reklamer gennem de sociale medier er vejen at gå. Mange virksomheder er gået over til online video reklamer baseret på en målrettet strategi for at nå så mange kunder som muligt.




Ifølge Nilsen Norman Group, ”Brugeren er meget opmærksomme på billeder og andre illustrationer der indeholder relevant information, men de lægger ikke mærke til “fluffy” billeder der bliver brugt til at ”jazz-up” hjemmesiden.

Dette betyder at billeder der er på hjemmesiden skal være relateret direkte til dig eller til hjemmesiden. – så hvis du skal købe billeder skal du vælge varsomt.



Alt materiale er en del af den samme organisme. – alf hvad du får lavet på print skal hænge sammen med din hjemmeside. Vi har stor erfaring med at designe printede medier, uanset om det er visitkort, en brochure eller en kæmpe banner, så kan vi klare det!


Ved at bruge animationer, kan du forklare meget komplekse ting super nemt. Hvis du skal bruge en video på mange sprog, gøres det nemt med en video og flere lydspor. Ej at forglemme, så gør det dit produkt nemt og sjovt for folk at bruge. Alle kan relatere til humor.


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