The photographs on your web page reflect your company image


Having professional looking photos on your website is just common sense. A picture says a thousand words they say.  If that is true (which it is) you want it to tell the world that you are professional in every way. No matter if it is the pictures of your staff, your products, your workplace or your projects.  Your product needs to be displayed in a professional way, with consistent quality.

overused-guyMany companies’ fall into the trap of using beautiful stock images, bought online rather than having someone take pictures for them. It is easy and convenient (we know) but using stock images (fluffing) is maybe not as useful as it seems  Why? (apart from the fact that they are most likely visible on more than just your web page), According to the Nielsen Norman Group, “Users pay close attention to photos and other images that contain relevant information but ignore fluffy pictures used to “jazz up” Web pages”.

Meaning that the pictures on your web page should relate directly to you or your web page –  so if you are going to buy pictures online choose wisely.

Otherwise, we at Virtual DNA would be happy to hear what you have in mind, and create your tailor made web pictures for you.

Video production

Web video has become this generations Tv advertisement. Video is still without a doubt one of the best ways to communicate to a crowd. The format has changed and the placement is now a bigger factor than ever before. But the fact is that a good video is still the king of content. Many companies are increasingly using video as a way to communicate their message online and especially  social media. Virtual DNA has over 20 years experience working with film -  Ad´s - Tv shows - infomercials - concerts - events - news - you name it, we can do it.



An animation is a good way to communicate complex ideas. It does not matter if it is a product or a service everything can be explained via an animation. With modern technology, the animation process itself is becoming more affordable and accessible to smaller companies.


According to the Nilsen Noma Group, " Users notice relevant and original images as much as they overlook fluffy stock images"

The studies also show that people like images when they look at web pages. That means that you need to have some original images and/or graphics on your web pages and try as hard as you can to avoid the stock images that everyone uses.


It goes without saying that we do - do print. We design anything from letterheads to banners that cover buildings. We do layouts for books or magazines. We to package design and car design. We do original logo design and even re-design. If you have a blurry idea of what you want, just contact us, if you have no idea what you want - do the same.

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