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Having a beautiful & and well designed webpage without thinking about SEO, AdWords or a general Social Media Marketing strategy. Is like writing and printing a book - but not publishing it.







SEO Website analysis

You might have a good website, but somehow the website does not appear when you search for it at google, or it is ranked way down the list of google results. The reasons for this is most often bad SEO

We at Virtual DNA can look at your OnPage code structure <Title> and <h1> tag synchronicity, meta description, <h2> and <h3> tags>, <img> file names and attributes, rich media (such as video) file names and transcripts.  Analyze your Page speed rate, which has increased relevance towards SERP, as page loading factor is now a factor in googles algorithm. Most of us can relate, based on our own experience that the longer the site takes to load, the more likely it is the guest navigates away.

What exactly is it that we do?

By allowing us to analyze your website structure, internal architecture, back-links & other key elements, we can find out if it’s optimized to current SEO standards. Based on the results, we will make a plan of action, so that your website is more optimized and Googles first page material.

SEO analyze:

When we conduct an SEO website analysis, we start by looking at the SEO market-related factors such as keyword analysis, search volume, keyword competition and the standard SEO checklist. How does the business profile look over the internet?

Competition analysis:

As a part of the SEO analysis, we look at the market you operate in, what the competition looks like, what does it take to make it to the top 1-3 place. You should at least be doing what there are doing, in order to compete for clicks.

Based on the analysis, we suggest a strategy/plan of action improve the webpage.

Text improvement:

If we see that there is a need for improvement in text or that we see the need for making articles to send out in relations to link-building, we can outsource that task for you, or supply you with the relevant keywords to include in the edited text. If you are working on a limited budget, making the 80% of the text can save yourself money, and we finalize it for you.

Technical background:

We at Virtual DNA are educated in Multimedia design and IT – with a focus on database and structure. So if your website needs adjustments, rearranging in layout, change in fonts or colors, we can help you out as well.

Goal focused work:

With a clear focus on content, and keywords, you are more likely to increase traffic and attract the right kind of traffic to your website, and increasing sales while at it.

Save time and money, and contact us at Virtual DNA.

Website SEO optimization (Search engine optimization)

Improve your website towards google or user experience (UX). We at Virtual DNA offer you the experience and know-how to implement what needs to be done, in full cooperation with you. The job at hand depends on the current situation of your website, competition, and your objectives.

And who doesn’t love data, we provide you with monthly analytics, reporting on visibility, so the performance of the site/campaign can be linked back to our SEO investment. If you think that your site needs to be optimized, we will look into it with you (see our website analysis package above), and based on that offer you a plan of action at a good price.

Contact us for more detailed information.

Video production

Web video has become this generations Tv advertisement. Video is still without a doubt one of the best ways to communicate to a crowd. The format has changed and the placement is now a bigger factor than ever before. But the fact is that a good video is still the king of content. Many companies are increasingly using video as a way to communicate their message online and especially  social media. Virtual DNA has over 20 years experience working with film -  Ad´s - Tv shows - infomercials - concerts - events - news - you name it, we can do it.



An animation is a good way to communicate complex ideas. It does not matter if it is a product or a service everything can be explained via an animation. With modern technology, the animation process itself is becoming more affordable and accessible to smaller companies.


According to the Nilsen Noma Group, " Users notice relevant and original images as much as they overlook fluffy stock images"

The studies also show that people like images when they look at web pages. That means that you need to have some original images and/or graphics on your web pages and try as hard as you can to avoid the stock images that everyone uses.


It goes without saying that we do - do print. We design anything from letterheads to banners that cover buildings. We do layouts for books or magazines. We to package design and car design. We do original logo design and even re-design. If you have a blurry idea of what you want, just contact us, if you have no idea what you want - do the same.

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